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Wander Magazine is comprised of individuals that came from an industry that makes it hard to grow as independent thinkers and free spirits. Thus, we took it upon ourselves to create a travel magazine that allows us to embrace the wandering spirit that pushes us to travel to the ends of the earth.

Wander Magazine is a wide-reaching platform with access to multiple social media points. We reach the key demographic of the travel industry: 25-45 year olds with the desire to travel worldwide, while skipping the stereotypical tourist venues.

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Editorial Calendar


Points of Interest: San Fransisco | New York | Long Beach
Events: Wakarusa


Points of Interest: San Diego | Ojai | Las Vegas | Puerto Nuevo
Events: ComicCon | Outside Lands


Points of Interest: Mammoth | Big Bear | Temecula | Sedona | Grand


Points of Interest: Cancun | New Orleans | New York | Australia

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Advertising with Wander: Placement rates & zones

Unlike most travel websites, we are completely transparent about our placement rates. We won’t waste your time making you email us for more info — all our rates are listed below. That said – these rates are fixed and non-negotiable.

We offer a range of pricing and advertising options, with text and banner ads as cheap as $10 a week, up to our most effective sponsored posts at $500 for lifetime placement.

Vendor Listing: $300 / $375

Where to start? A vendor listing is the best option for most businesses looking to get started with placement on Wander Magazine, and is a great option for both regional and online vendors.

  • A feature-rich profile with photos, testimonials, social media links, and more
  • Optional upgrades for additional locations, extra images, etc

Best placement option for: EVERYONE! We have powerful promotions for both regional vendors and online vendors.

 Text ads: $10/week

  • Average 15,000 impressions a day
  • Rotate three ads per slot
  • Screenshot of how text ads appear
  • Submit your text ad

Best placement option for: online vendors, travel stores, micro-budget businesses.

Banner ads: $120/week

  • Banner ads appear on all Wander Magazine blog pages (not vendor, store, or forum pages)
  • Average 35,000 impressions a day
  • 200×200 pixels size
  • Best for online vendors
  • Rotate two ads per slot
  • Screenshot of how banner ads appear
  • Submit your banner ad

Best for: travel agencies and apparel designers; businesses looking to launch a new product or service; web services looking to grow their user base; online vendors.

Sponsorship Opportunities: contact us for pricing

  • Logo
  • Front of book sponsor mention
  • Supporting editorial coverage

 Bundled/custom packages: Contact us!

We’ve co-sponsored contests, written monthly features, and found a plethora of other ways to share indie travel news. Get in touch if you’d like to talk about building a custom campaign!


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  1. todd says:

    Wander Magazine is a joy to read. Your adventures are so ‘free spirited’ and entertaining. I do learn a lot, too……..where to go, what to eat, who you meet, how to ‘go with the flow’ and to expect and enjoy the Unexpected! Keep wandering…..and look for my article to appear soon in Life-uncorked! about climbing the mountain above Scorpion Landing on Santa Cruz Island. You are in it!

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