Who are we?

Wander Magazine is comprised of individuals that came from an industry that makes it hard to grow as independent thinkers and free spirits. Thus, we took it upon ourselves to create a travel magazine that allows us to embrace the wandering spirit that pushes us to travel to the ends of the earth.

We reach the key demographic of the travel industry: 25-45 year olds with the desire to travel worldwide, while skipping the stereotypical tourist venues.

Our plan is to travel the world and meet some amazing locals and business owners. We want to take striking photos of nature, people, food, and beauty – and mostly photos of each other during our crazy adventures. We want to write about under-the-radar and thriving neighborhoods, artists, restaurants, hotels and destinations and we just can’t wait to share it with you.

So, explore our magazine and all of its nooks, and realize that now is the time to go out and wander.

Nadia Ibanez
Nadia Ibanez will essentially sweet talk you into anything.

After writing for local and national print and digital magazines for the last seven years, Nadia Ibanez realized that her passion in writing really lies in travel. She loves driving through different parts of Southern California, gluing her face to the passenger-side window when she and her friends are driving through a neighborhood she’s never been in, getting all giddy inside when she finds a dessert shop she’s been dreaming of stepping foot in, and realizing that she could spend every waking moment planning epic trips with friends and family.

When she’s not sitting behind the computer screen, she’s ALWAYS outside either riding her Tiffany Blue beach cruiser alongside the Pacific Ocean, flying through the air strapped to a tandem skydiver or bungee cord, running around the streets of a local music festival, sweating during hot yoga, and getting all the Vitamin K that’s humanly possible at San Diego’s most beautiful beaches. She’s an avid shopping enthusiast and spends her evenings snuggling up with her little Manchester terrier, Sophie.


Andrea Verdin has had a love for travelling ever since her aunt took her on a surprise camping trip to the beach as a 5-year-old. She wasn’t expecting to fall in love with the great outdoors (or the possum that took up residence in her aunt’s Isuzu Rodeo, for that matter), but she did. Ever since that fateful weekend, Andrea wanted to do whatever she could to get another taste  of the excitement and adventure that came from having fun in the sun.

Today, you can find Andrea at the local bookstore, or possibly looking for a way to keep fellow editor Nadia Ibanez from kidnapping her and coercing her into skydiving. Instead, she’d much rather go paddle boarding, visit a museum, listen to one of her favorite bands play, or go camping at the beach.

Karina Ramos, the amazing technical goddess that keeps our site running

Karina Ramos has spent countless hours building magazines, newspapers and ads for clients all over Southern California. When she’s not bound to her computer, bobbing her head to music and antagonizing her fellow graphic designers, Karina spends time traveling the world with her family. She’s been to Europe, Asia and Latin America quite a few times, and she cannot wait to see how amazing the rest of the country is. If you want to bribe her, don’t do it with guacamole; try Hello Kitty products, sugar, and anything with dinosaurs.

She has a flair for the hilarious, and she’s got the personality to mesmerize many. She’s also the person who puts color and shape to our little travel site, and she’s also the reason that we look so darn cool on paper.


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